Blog closeout interview!

Thank you for your time with this blog, my friends! As much as I would like to keep it going, at this time I must say goodbye. As my blogging class ends I must say it was a blast. Here is my exit interview to finish this blog off for class!


Stay tuned…

Remember the post I did on outdoor music venues in Buffalo toward the start of this blog?

Probably not.

But, part two is coming! My interview with Lucy Bell, a freshman at SUNY Fredonia and very experienced young woman to the Buffalo music scene, sat down with me to talk about Buffalo’s indoor music venues. The video will be coming soon this week, so check back in!

Artpark Lineup released!

Jeff Miers of the Buffalo News has released the 2014 Tuesday and Wednesday Artpark schedule on his blog post for the News which can be read here.

Part of the lineup includes the Arctic Monkeys. You can check out their hit below from their official Twitter:

Dr. Jack and a forgotten team

I was born in 1993 and in no way do I even have a clue about the former NBA team located here in Buffalo.

The Braves, as they were called, were known as exceptionally competitive during their time there. With well known players and a community that still seems to hold them close variously, they seem like a long but forgotten team.


Many from my generation especially never grew up with a basketball team in Buffalo. In fact, while I was a fan of the NBA (I dislike watching it today) I didn’t even notice that the team ever existed. We now recognize them as the Los Angeles Clippers, although for reasons I have been told in stories, they could be considered the Boston Celtics.

Their coach, Dr. Jack Ramsay, is remembered in this article by the Buffalo News here.

Also, before college, I had met an author named Tim Wendel. He wrote a book a few years back on the braves that you can look into and purchase here.

Sabres Community #1

#1 – Rob Ray


The “Rayzor” himself takes the top spot on this list. Since his playing days, the impact Ray has made on the community has been unrivaled. Always one to chat with fans anywhere in the area, he is easily a consensus fan favorite. A youth hockey supporter which is doubled by his appearances with local charities, his impact on the community has been tremendous and his ability to call a hockey game from ice level has proven his worth within the rink at his current age.

No doubt Rayzor has made his mark as the #1 Buffalo Sabre alumni in the community today.

Sabres Community #2

#2- Andrew Peters


Is there something “Petey” hasn’t done?

Since retiring from the NHL, the former enforcer has been all over the community. This starts with Peters current employment as a co-host of Sabres Hockey Hotline. Also, if you see the picture above, I recently met him last year broadcasting a game for the Niagara Purple Eagles on Time Warner Sports. Peters has never shied away from being great around the kids and, in surprising fashion, an advocate against fighting. Peters becomes another in a long list of former players to settle down in the Western New York area.

Sabres Community #3

#3 – Martin Biron

Since leaving the Sabres crease, Biron has seen time in Philly and New York as a goaltender.

His heart, however, has been in the city of Buffalo.

A contributor now with segments on Sabres Hockey Hotline and doing instruction with the Harbor Center hockey development program has kept him busy in the area he so proclaimed his affection for. A fan favorite, Biron was never one to stray away from the fans as one of the most interactive, making Biron number three on this list.

Sabres Community #4

#4 – Lindy Ruff

While I don’t have a picture with him, it remains no secret who Ruff is to the area. A former Sabre player and coach, Ruff was named head coach of the Dallas Stars this season. His roots are grounded in the Buffalo area, with his family still owning a home here. As a fan favorite, Lindy has never strayed away from interaction with fans and has been a great personality in the local hockey scene. A positive influence on some and a very low-key guy, I have seen Ruff on multiple occasions at the Amherst Northtown Center, even after a high school game against his son.

Ruff has even gone as far as to publicly state he would move back to Buffalo upon retirement.

Easter Takeover – Through Different Eyes

So, while the countdown is continuing tomorrow, we interrupt this blog for a special piece from Sean McGrath:

What is Western New York to me? To me, WNY is not only just a home, but a lifestyle as well. You could go to a completely different city, as I have many times, and simply hold a door open for someone, and they will immediately know that you are from Buffalo or the WNY area. Even someplace as close as New York City, we as Western New Yorkers have developed an identity as the “nice guys.”

Or at least, that is what I feel we are like.

It seems as though, however, with Buffalo taking a huge hit with the recession, we have become less of that and more bitter about our roots. But that is changing, and changing fast.

Though we may not have the most ideal visuals of any place, Buffalo and it’s surrounding areas are on a comeback, from heartbreak to heartful as I would put it.

The recession was not kind; businesses went under, people lost their jobs and ultimately forced them out of the area and into other states and cities. Much like the sports teams of the area, Buffalo was fighting, but coming up short.

But like all low points, there is almost always a comeback. Over the past few years, mostly in the last few months, Buffalo has seemed to get off the ropes and thrown a few punches, gaining momentum with each swing.

I mean, we are doing well enough that Toronto Star columnist Cathal Kelly had to write a story in the Star retracting every bad thing he has said about the city and glorify our hospitality. If Buffalo can swoon him, we can win the hearts of many more back.

Since Buffalo began it’s turnaround, we have seen a new development plan for the Erie Marina, the new HarborCenter is in full construction, and businesses are actually choosing Buffalo as a destination for their startups to take over.

For me this is just what I love to see, my city….MY CITY, is on the rebound. With a summer on the horizon, my mind is all about going into the heart of the city and just admiring what is going on in my neck of the woods.